Learn to use your camera or phone camera more creatively and create the most beautiful images.

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    Evening photo workshop

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    Smartphone photo workshop

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    Workshop street photography

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Do you want to learn photography by doing?

Are you also someone who wants to learn photography actively? Want to put things you learn into practice immediately? We offer creative and basic workshops that give you short and clear explanations but where we get straight to work. 

We start inside and go outside to put what we have learned into practice. And going outside at Hanzebeeld means: right in the heart of medieval Doesburg.

All workshops are low-threshold and you need no or limited prior knowledge. Together with a small group, you will learn to take the most beautiful photos in a fun way and with a lot of personal attention. You will receive a digital reference book after each course.

Fototour Doesburg

What do you need?

For all our workshops, you will need to provide your own photo camera or phone camera. For workshops in the dark, you will need a photo camera with an M-mode and a tripod.

Group size

In principle, our groups are never larger than 8 to 10 people. This way we have plenty of room for guidance and it is cosy.

Time & location

All workshop times are listed under each workshop type. Each workshop lasts 2-3 hours and provides coffee/tea and refreshments. Location is the studio of Hanzebeeld, Roggestraat 3, in the heart of Doesburg city centre.


Hanzebeeld specialises in conducting workshops on street photography, evening photography, light painting and smartphone photography.

How do you learn?

You learn actively. This means that we briefly take you through the theory and then we start shooting together. You learn from each other and by doing. We do guide you and give you tips and tricks while you are shooting. 

What does it cost?

Workshop prices are listed separately for each workshop. The amounts mentioned include coffee/tea, a snack as well as a digital reference book. 

De Waag Doesburg

In one sentence, I would say: interesting, informative and it was a lot

Wim Steintjes

Workshop Smartphone Photography

The explanation on posting photos on social media was really helpful

Frank van Essen

Workshop Smartphone Photography

Super fun smartphone photography workshop. Especially instructive to apply/explain the theory first learned directly in practice afterwards.


Workshop Smartphone Photography

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